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  1. Before President Abdulla Yasmeen lost the country's election, his government ordered the demolition of the conservation-minded underwater sculpture garden
  2. A red sweater in the Smithsonian collections was the trademark of kindness and caring in the indelible 'Mr. Rogers Neighborhood'
  3. The ceremony itself was rooted in union-busting, laying the basis for the art vs. mass acclaim debate we see play out today
  4. The probe, which launches Sunday, will attempt to solve enduring mysteries about the sun
  5. While the proposed branch of the armed forces may be controversial, the history of the so-called "Space Force" is longstanding
  6. It’s time for Mary Golda Ross to be remembered as an aerospace pioneer
  7. Cerro Gordo was once a lively mining town. Now its new owners have plans to refurbish it in hopes of attracting visitors to the relic of the Wild West
  8. Including phases where the moon is partially masked, the event will last nearly four hours total
  9. Rampant speculation about what was inside the black granite tomb has swirled since the relic was first discovered at a building site in Alexandria
  10. The golden lion tamarin and its sibling were born on Friday, marking the first births of tamarins for the Zoo in a decade