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  1. Broadway, Wagner’s “Ring,” the opening of the Shed: what our critics and writers are looking forward to this season.
  2. Mr. Martins, who faced allegations of abuse, retains the right to make casting changes and to show up backstage, which has upset some company members.
  3. The Chicago police said Thursday that the “Empire” actor, upset over his salary, staged a fake assault with the help of two brothers.
  4. Our expert has been closely following the races and the voters, all season. Here’s what he thinks will happen at the ceremony on Sunday.
  5. Behind the scenes, Pamela Adlon’s world was shaken by allegations against her writing partner, Louis C.K. On screen, the FX drama has bounced back.
  6. The Israeli drama is being praised as an accurate and compelling portrayal of ultra-Orthodox Jews, a group that typically is insular — and doesn’t watch TV.
  7. If the Academy Awards can proceed without a host, it’s time to rethink those acceptance speeches. Please.
  8. A look back at the announcements made by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences about the 91st Academy Awards, and some of the backlash those decisions met.
  9. Hear from directors of this year’s Best Picture nominees.
  10. Our expert analyzed all 554 best-picture nominees over the years, and found that political themes are becoming more common.