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  1. The singer, keyboardist and songwriter was a founder of the Allman Brothers Band and a composer of songs like “Whipping Post” and “Midnight Rider.”
  2. Kulap Vilaysack is part of an emerging group of first-time series creators and showrunners who are more likely to come from outside of TV writer backgrounds.
  3. About 7,000 miles away, in New Jersey, the artist’s sister summed up her family’s response: “We were speechless.”
  4. The Cannes veteran talks about movies, sexism, female rage and “The Beguiled,” the third film that she’s made with the director Sofia Coppola.
  5. Political strands within familiar works have been popping out with startling resonance in a series of recent performances, our critic writes.
  6. The two actors (and friends) talk about their current shows and their recent nominations.
  7. On the new TV dance competition, Ms. Lopez says she wants the dancers to shine — and have an opportunity to “really make some money.”
  8. This summer’s potential blockbuster is based on a global hit that almost wasn’t. It survived cancellation, a sex-tape scandal and casting disagreements.
  9. Complex special effects can mean several thousand crew members are listed at the end. But not all workers are there, and some wish the scrolls were even longer.
  10. Love isn’t always black and white, and photographer Andre Wagner shows the range of the emotion through his gray-scale images.