New York Times Arts

  1. The Season 4 finale reached a long-promised milestone for a “Breaking Bad” prequel that’s part moral investigation, part Easter-egg factory.
  2. The movie reflects a battle that’s played out in her own career, between the perceived ephemerality of pop and the assumed durability of “real” music.
  3. Largely on hold while his criminal case unfolded, the suits from 10 women who say he also sexually assaulted them will now proceed in Massachusetts and California.
  4. The artist’s remotely shredded “Girl With Balloon” was meant to poke fun at excesses of the auction world. Yet now his prices look set to soar.
  5. “Sakina’s Restaurant,” which put him on the map, has new resonance, which is why he’s summoning the energy to play all its roles all over again.
  6. Jimmy’s slide into Saul continues as Mike faces a brutal choice.
  7. For four seasons, the writers of “Saul” have slowly been transforming Jimmy McGill into the slimy Saul Goodman. In this video, they broke down a pivotal scene before the season finale.
  8. Can tiny companies thrive in the shadow of major institutions? In this theater-mad city, the question may actually run the other way.
  9. The visual artist and movie director has moved some pieces in the Musée d’Orsay’s collection, hanging his paintings alongside ones by van Gogh, Monet and Cézanne.
  10. At Tate Modern in London, Holly Williams watched a full day and night of the video installation so you don’t have to.