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  1. Attempting to stop the UK going Solo are some of the country's leading animation, VFX and post-production studios – which have signed a letter calling for a people's vote alongside Terence Conran, Martha Lane-Fox and others.
  2. Reactions to the logo range from "friendly in a generic way" to "bland new nothingness." And that's before you consider the rather suggestive colouring.
  3. Ken Sausage's illustrations for Powerade Spain put the surreal into sports drink branding.
  4. Recent news of the Association of Illustrators dropping its pricing-assistance service has caused debate in the illustration world – we speak to the Association and highlight the decision's impact on artists.
  5. If you’re an artist and your work has been published in UK books, magazines or TV – you could be entitled to thousands of pounds. What are you waiting for?