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  1. Rap-metal band bared all to protest conservative censorship forces at 1993's Lollapolooza Festival in Philadelphia
  2. German conductor and humanitarian honoured in Google Doodle
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  4. The equivalent of 300 Olympic swimming pools of raw sewage overflows into the Thames every week. Sean O'Grady appreciates the beauty in motion countering London's waste dilemma
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  6. A new piece inspired by multiple-choice telegrams sent home by First World War soldiers is wildly ambitious, but distracting visuals from 59 Productions hamper its effect
  7. 'Traitor: A person who commits treason by betraying his or her country'
  8. Exclusive: Two musical duos team up for a track recorded live to vinyl
  9. The actor has appeared in five movies in the last 15 months (plus the TV series Ballers)
  10. Netflix's teen movie has been a word-of-mouth sensation among young fans – and appeals to older ones too, thanks to the casting of Molly Ringwald