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  1. New book covers House Targaryen family tree and predates A Song of Ice and Fire by 300 years
  2. After an appearance as a contestant on a Chinese singing competition, the British pop singer is having another shot at fame in the UK
  3. As the release of the 2018 edition looms, we rank all the John Lewis Christmas advert covers from worst to best
  4. How does 'Fantastic Beasts' match up to the likes of 'The Goblet of Fire' or 'The Prisoner of Azkaban'?
  5. *Spoiler warning* Following demise of Pablo Escobar and Colombian cartels, series relocates to Mexico as war on drugs intensifies on new frontier
  6. David, an alpha chimpanzee, appears in the first episode of Attenborough's new series
  7. It's all very dramatic, both thematically and sonically, with virtually every track following the same pattern: quiet, bit louder, LOUD
  8. The band's promoter claimed they had sold over 200 tickets to one venue — but only three people turned up
  9. 'Well, if you are a looter, think twice if you are heading back into Malibu'
  10. The comic book icon was collaborating on a new creation with his daughter before he passed away