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  1. It's two decades since the Coen Brothers released their cult classic. But what has happened to the likes of the Hollywood Star Bowling Lane or Jackie Treehorn's mansion?
  2. 'I wouldn't wish that show's fans on any fast-food restaurant'
  3. Two post-mortems have been conducted with authorities ruling out foul play
  4. Hamish Pirie directs Thomas Eccleshare's play with flair, but there's a lack of human warmth to proceedings
  5. Chose which cowboy hat you want and saddle up for another mind-bending season
  6. The band returned to their North London stomping ground for an electrifying show
  7. Some movie premises aren't meant to be extended
  8. 'The whole story of repression leads up to this moment'
  9. 'I hope he is in a better place. He will be greatly missed'
  10. The director is currently working on four Avatar sequels