When you're given your login details for Local Artist, you will already have been assigned a gallery within which you can upload your images.

If you think your gallery should be under a different category (for instance, Surrealism rather than Abstract, please contact the administrator)

  1. Click the MEMBER LOGIN button in the top left-hand corner of the home page.

    Enter your username and password.

    Member login

  2. Navigate to GALLERIES, whin which you will see a link to USER PANEL.

    User Panel

  3. Click on the UPLOAD button.


  4. If you have more than one gallery/cateogory, select which CATEGORY to which you want the image uploaded (see below).

  5. Populate the GENERIC TITLE and GENERIC DESCRIPTION fields.

  6. Click on CHOOSE FILE  and browse to the file on your computer/device


  7. Click UPLOAD

Please note that we are currently working on the functionality for members to be able to edit and/or delete paintings once they are uploaded. We will keep you posted as to when this functionality is deployed.