Tina Warren
Tina Warren
Tina Warren was born in Blackpool in 1968 and studied her two passions, Art and Theatrical Studies, at Blackpool and Fylde College.
In 1992 she married and had two children and became a full time mum.  As her children grew, so did feel the need to paint, so she started painting murals for family and friends, and it turned into a career.  She has been painting murals under the name of 'Weird, Wacky & Wonderful' for about five years.

In 2005 she was commissioned to create a large piece of work for Thornton Little Theatre (it is in mixed media and hangs above the front doors into the auditorium) and has since taken on other private commissions.

More recently she has decided to concentrate on her own work. The series of work, entitled ‘Endangered Without Love’, began with her love of the gentle Orangutan which are sadly threatened by massive habitat loss and persecution by human captors. She prefers to work in oil on canvas, but also loves mixed media or pencil and charcoal. She is hoping to have an exhibition of her work at Blackpool Zoo later in the year.

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