Daniel has been in the creative arts all his life. Travelling and working around the world as a dancer is where he first started painting.In 1999 Daniel started painting surrealism as a hobby while living in Portugal, but soon moved into abstract finding his love of colour and textures. Since, Daniel has sold works in art galleries in Kent (UK) along side private commissioned works in UK, USA & Canada.

Each work starts as a blank canvas but soon grows into its own individual master. Nothing can deter from the happiness in seeing a finished original that has grown through a personal passion becoming a work that will shine for years. “What I love with my work is that it doesn’t stop, its just paint yes, but you will look one day and see it to be different, then different again, something you never saw at first will all of a sudden jump out and you’ll enjoy the work again as if it were the first time you ever looked”

My paintings are very detailed and so with distance each work changes, not paint slapped on canvas with no life, but true works of art.Colour is important its changes the way we feel, we see colour everyday but do you ever look and take it in, that’s what I want my paintings to do, let you look once again and enjoy colour Daniel's work can be viewed at:

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