Featuring the paintings of Dmitry Shtyka, which express major influence from his experience as a tattoo artist for ten years.
The surrealistic paintings of Dmitry Shtyka combine the fluid eccentricity of Salvador Dali with the romanticism of mythology. A tattoo artist by trade, Shtyka believes that his work reflects his profession. His subject matter is both the natural and the fantastic. He paints landscapes as well as imaginary beings that represent entities like the sun, moon or autumn. Shtyka often draws on his dream life for his artistic inspiration. The result is a wild landscape of impossible combinations and situations that titillate and intrigue the viewer.
  About my creative work My art works are shapes and impressions, namely impressions on a theme………. Some shapes come from without, simply from clean sheet, or I find them in some cracksor traits. And then I turn them into a theme. Therefore  I can say that my artworks are intuitive,I just delineate what there is already (to do without doing). My artworks are interested to people that like to stopand to dream traveling in shapes. 

Dmitry Shtyka (FLINT)

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