ImageAlan Huntley settled with his family in Lincolnshire 3 years ago after spending a spell working in Dallas, Texas.  Before that Alan spent many years living the nomadic life of a serviceman in the RAF before finally retiring in 2002 and It was not until very recently that Alan found the need to express himself in paint. Since then has begun the journey that so many self taught artists have followed before him. 

Alan finds his inspiration mainly from within and paints in largely in abstract styles; recently Alan has started exploring painting biomorphic abstractions. “Each painting I make is a journey as I approach the canvas with no real fixed ideas of how I want the painting to look. Loose thoughts and ideas come and go as I work, slowly forming the finished painting. Multiple layers of paint, textures and geometric forms all contribute to my paintings and the emotion encapsulated in the paint” 

Alan is hoping to build a large enough body of work to hold an exhibition later in the 2007…if he can find somewhere to display his works.

 Alan may be contacted on:-This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.