ImageCulture, fortune, and big unlimited civilizations are inspirations for many artists and myself.  I’m trying to get an idea and draw my pictures especially the parts of fortune , damaged through time and covered by centuries.
I was born 1946. in Sarajevo, graduated in an Arts Academy, paint section in Sarajevo 1991. In the class taught by professor Ratko Lalic (1st and 2nd year) and Lj. Percinlica (3rd and 4th year).
My work matures in painting styles which were created by my  professors and already affirmed artists (Berber, Zec, Mujezinovic, etc.) Art with elements of old cultures (still nature) put in modern ambient, affirmative beauty of colors and values of painting profession.

Paintings tell us that the act of painting is a superior area for the establishment of mental, spiritual and sensible contents and not just simple decoration on walls. In the time of postmodern, when all painting styles existed, art movements, comprehensions, I with my paintings proved a good choice by my artistic path.
Acknowledgment of this statement are also numerous owners of my paintings in the USA, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and countries from former Yugoslavia (SFRJ)