ImageTolga is from Istanbul Turkey,  born 7/6/1972, in Ankara

He has loved to make paintings since his school years.  He graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Arts and is an Industrial Designer; working as an Interior Designer since the beginning of his career.

Tolga's paintings are usually made with mixed techniques; (crayon, pastel, watercolour all in the same painting). Sometimes he uses oil or acrylic, but mostly he does pencil drawings.  His paintings are scanned to the computer or a digital photograph is made, using  Photoshop, he works on them, this is faster than painting by hand and Tolga believes there is no difference between the techniques to the eye and sees the point as being to make images or designs quickly and to produce a beautiful end product.

Sometimes,  Tolga sees some visions, or he begins to paint unthinkingly and the concept comes as he draws. Rarely, he designs a concept and works on it.
Tolga believes  he is explaining the cosmic voyage of our souls in the different realities and dimensions in his paintings. They are a mix of visionary art, surrealism, fantasy, sci-fi, new age and mostly spirituality.
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