Michele Vavonese Michele was born in Syracuse, New York in 1970.
She has a Master of Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology, 1994.
Has been featured in solo and group art shows across country.
She has completed successful commissioned pieces for over 20 years and has been selling original paintings and drawings for same amount of time.
Michele has been teaching art for the past seven years in California, and currently resides in Los Angeles County.
Her own personal views of own art:
I would label the art I do as 'Pop Art'-- in that-- it is directly influenced by the mass production of imagery used throughout design magazines and other such publications. These very public and precisely marketed images find their way into my work and become characters in my one page expressions or paintings. The bold colors and tweaked perspectives add to the effect of a more contemporary view of some very long known household items, such as, chairs and staircases.
Michele's own website may be found at:-