CazandraTo let people know who I am, well, I hadn't painted for a very long time up until a couple of months ago, when I decided to take it up again, and am really enjoying painting once again. As well as painting, I wrote some short stories for my children when they were little: I also wrote a story about my great grandparents whilst doing the family tree. I have written a few poems. too, but my real love when younger, was art, but over the years being busy with a family I just havent had the time until now.  I love any thing creative, but I have been told I have a bold way with colours.

I am from Liverpool, although I haven't lived in Liverpool for a long time but still live within easy distance of my home town. I have three grown children who all seem, to a certain extent, to be taking after me with their artistic flare. I paint with watercolours or use pastels and acrylic paints, but I enjoy experimenting with different things and try to paint a wide variety of subjects.
I haven't painted for so long but am enjoying every moment of being with paint and brushes and I hope people enjoy looking at my paintings as much as I enjoy painting them. I dont know if I will ever sell any of my pieces, but we all hope that someone somewhere will like them enough to purchase.  The fact that people can see my paintings and can comment and give me feedback is nice to know, and, if, along the way people find they wish to purchase that would  be an added bonus and I would be delighted. I just want people to look and enjoy. Thank you to every one who takes the time to read this and to look at my paintings. Cazandra.