Now in her early twenties, this artist is as drawn to fashion as any young person and integrates iconic images into textured montages compatible with those interests. Now based in North Lincolnshire, Monique's interest in art has been present from childhood. Three-dimensional shapes have always taken precedence in her drawings and dabblings in sculpture (including soap sculpture).

She has a vivid and colourful imagination and makes full use of it in her Degree Course in Film, the performing arts, music and drama, and in producing creative collages.

Inspiration for these came from seeing a friend assemble one, and, feeling sure she could achieve something of equal or better quality, the first of many was produced.

An affinity with labels forms the basis of her work, seeing them in the most of obscure of places and collecting them for the appropriate piece.  Building up layers to the finished product, her collages sometimes follow a colour theme, and always take the eye through a maze of detail.     Some have a limited palette to keep the work unfussy.

Such a young artist deserves encouragement whether in the amateur of professional capacity.


As part of the 48-hour Film Challenge organised by the Bradford City of Film presentation, Monique co-produced a short film "Flesh and Blood" that won accolades for Best Script and Special Mention for Cinematography. She is part of the company, Let There Be Light Productions, based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom producing films for the local community and providing experience for young people in the film industry.

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