I was born on October 7th 1977 and grew up in rural Mississippi just 13 miles outside of the capital city, Jackson. Growing up I had both my parents and a bigger brother to nurture me along my unique journey of becoming the person that I am today. Life on the farm was a wonderful way to get started and proved very beneficial when it comes to my fascination of life. With a huge extended family, there was always someone to imitate and to make fun of. I began drawing at the age of 5 because I wanted to be as good as my brother and to play the imaginary war games on normal 8.5’ x 11’ inch writing paper I saw him playing with my cousins.

My artistic skills caught on and throughout elementary, high school and college I developed a personal language in drawing and painting which could not be attributed to the learned lessons of art school…because I wasn’t able to go to art school until my second year of College. When I went to college the first time in Mississippi, we were not allowed to have a nude model in the local Baptist community College. They made us draw from faded projected slides and 1950’s photographs of only clothed people. After the first year of this I at 20 years old, left and went to seek out other venues to develop my understanding of the human form. I wanted the education of Michaelangelo, Monet, Latrec, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Turner and countless others whom I greatly admired.

I resided in Orlando Florida for eight months at the Walt Disney World Resorts. I worked as an Animation Attractions host at MGM Studios. I gave tours through what were the Disney Animation Studios. I was intrigued by those artists and was encouraged to go back to school and to get my Master’s. On returning back to Mississippi, I sought out a university without the hang-ups of using live nude models for artist to learn from. This new experience in Florida gave me the extra energy I needed to push forward for everything I wanted in life. After the first two semesters I had excelled so until I was confident that I had made the right decisions earlier. With excellent grades, I ventured on to Paris and Spain in 1999 and New York in 2000 all in order to broaden my understanding of world art. Museums and exhibitions were abundant and upon return in 2000, I was offered an opportunity to study the sculptures of Rodin at the Cantor Sculpture garden at Stanford University while studying life drawing and painting at San Jose State University in 2001.

After undergraduate, I sought out a dream… to completely finish Graduate School in Europe. In the fall of 2003, I was accepted to both SACI and American University. SACI offered a scholarship with 1 year in Florence but American University offered 2 years in Italy but no scholarship. I chose the latter with no regrets and as of May 8th 2005 I have had my Master’s Degree of Fine Arts in my possession. From that experience I have many wonderful memories of Italy that shall feed my artistic life for a long time.

Presently I am interested in exhibiting my paintings and drawings where ever I can and would like to work as an instructor in a university. If I could share something with young artists of today, it would be to retain a bit of motivation for the hard times. Also I think it’s important to dedicate yourselves to long term goals all while keeping today’s schedule fulfilled. New Years Resolutions never hurt !! 

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