From Chile. When Carlos was a boy his dream was to be one of the best Artist Painters; Study Architecture, and then have his own Atelier. I Paint in Chile, Paint in Monmatre, and Paris in 1972.  I Paint with Olio, Aquarelle, and now my new Artist tool is computer mouse. My paint is without teacher, but I admire the Impressionists Artist When was a Boy. For years I work hard to live my dream, because I not like to sell my Paints.

I had been the representative of the best brands of electronic, which made me a very successful business man, how ever, the Artist in me has over power all, and my life has taken a radical change, and plan to live my dream to the fullest, just been myself "The Artist" "The Painter" Got married very young 20 years of age, even so, I studied Architecture I became a success in the world of business, which provided my family with "life's best” now my life has change and I am finally myself, "the Painter"

Country: Chile
Birth year: 10-10-1940
Media: Oil, Watercolor, Drawing, Digital Art, Mouse Computer, Mixed Media. Style: Impressionists
Digital Art Subjects:  Nature, Landscapes, People, Portraits, Animals.

Carlos's work may be seen here:-