Welcome to my gallery of works. I am a coloured pencil/graphite artist drawing animals and, more recently, human portraiture.  Most of what I know is self taught, but I have completed a distance learning course with the London Art College, in Pet Portraiture, Plants and Animals.  My tutor for this was Melanie Phillips, who helped to hone my skills in drawing.

This was completed in 2001 and after that I plucked up enough courage to enter a small drawing into the International PAWS competition,and was priviliged enough to have been picked as one of the finalists for that year, and for 2002, and 2003.  Since that time I have been building my portfolio of works, undertaking commissions and experimenting with various dry media.

My other passion is Fantasy/Myth art, and have been working on a number of pictures in that theme, using live models.

I have a love for all art, and have experimented using various media, but I have always come back to drawing, as coloured pencil and graphite allow me to create the texture, bright sparkly eyes, and whispy fur of the animals that I love so much.This year for the first time I have started to do child portraits in graphite, which I have found to be very rewarding, too.

I hope you like what you see and thankyou for taking the time to visit.

My gallery is called Coloured Pencil and Graphite.