Trev GoodwinLet me introduce myself I was born in Manchester England on the 9-5-50. I moved to Langley Estate, Middleton, Manchester which was a housing overspill estate in the sixties, quite a tough neighbourhood.

"The only lesson I liked at high school was Art, which was only spoilt by the Art teacher who called everybody Rover!" I am a self- taught artist; the mediums I use are oil, acrylic and pastel. I Paint portraits of rock stars the Stones, Beatles, Jimi etc. 
The paintings on display are all Acrylic on board and measure roughly 16"x23" I usually work well into the night/early morning.

The paintings viewed in subdued lighting seem to come alive and bring out their best qualities.
While there is a substantial amount of great artists painting wild life, still life, and portraits there seems to be a general lack of Rock Artists.

Any form of Art whether it is Music, Dance or Painting has to be shared with people to be appreciated.  When a Musician writes a song it is so other people can enjoy their musical talent and originality.  Therefore any constructive comments on my art- work are welcome.
I have recently set up my own website called Dark Arts

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