Ken GillamBorn in Portsmouth UK in 1944, after completing his education, in which art did not feature a great deal, he entered the banking profession. During this time he became an accomplished dinghy sailor representing the bank for whom he worked.

He went on to become both the National and Inland Champion,
experiences that would later stand him in good stead for his favourite
artistic subject. Leaving banking after nearly 30 years, he then spent some time working in the charitable sector, followed by a period as school administrator.

Following his "retirement" from the competitive sailing scene, he decided to fill his time by learning to paint, having done nothing since school. Self-taught, and unencumbered by the strictures of a formal art training, he is driven by his love of the sea, which is reflected in
his work. This has resulted in over a hundred paintings already being
sold both in the UK and America.

He has participated in a number of group exhibitions with his first one man show during 2004. A further one man show is scheduled for the summer of 2005. Having recently given up full time work, he is
hoping to be able to spend more of his time painting. Working mostly in
watercolour and also in acrylic, he favours maritime and coastal scenes, but also produces the occasional landscape. He says that watercolour is a challenging medium, but when it all comes together, can produce a seascape in which you can almost taste the salt air.

He can be contacted at