Barry Thomas
Barry Thomas
A retired Pharmacist, I have always been interested in Art, obtaining a distinction in A levels. Over the years I have constantly painted, mainly watercolour, the difficulty of the medium attracting me and I am an admirer of Jeanne Dobie (Making Color Sing). She uses a restricted colour palette to brilliant effect. I am also an admirer of Burt Silverman, who seems to break all the rules of watercolour to produce superb portraits.
I have attended many life drawing classes, learning to use watercolour swiftly, and have used the OCA. I was a member of The Twyford Guild of Artists until I moved away a year or so ago.

"I started to paint with the computer because my 'studio' was becoming impossible to enter, with stacks of life drawings rolled up everywhere, paint on the carpet, and yet no visible sign of my finished art.

Nearly all my new work, especially portraits, but not abstracts, is totally freehand, but sometimes I use built in features in Painter and other programs, to obtain special effects.

I use photographs as references, but I interpret them as I see fit, and sometimes use several photograph references in one painting.
I use Corel Painter and a Wacom pen and tablet, which enables me to draw and paint as I would with real pens and paints. The pen is pressure sensitive.

I paint the picture usually with an (virtual) oil brush, sometimes crayons or chalks and occasionally use a mix in one painting.

I usually work to around A3 or more.
The prints are Giclée prints on Somerset enhanced 100% cotton paper.
I use a 17 inch flat screen iMac."

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