Born in Hampstead, North London, I grew up in the midst of the “Flower Power” generation, embracing both the psychedelic images and lifestyle.

I have always been interested in art/crafts.  However it took many years to actually do more than doodle, interior decorating, or helping the kids with their projects.

Having moved to Southern Spain in the late nineties, where I was working as a therapist/counsellor, I found that I had a little more time for me.

There I discovered my solace, my therapy, by painting.  Once I started I realised how all absorbing painting could be.  A place where I could lose all sense of time (this had it’s problems at first) and also to challenge myself.

In 2006 I moved back to the UK, and I am living here in Poole.  I continue to work within the therapeutic field, but this time with those who are homeless, and recovering from addiction.

When I paint a picture I don’t always realise what the image is about, but a while later I can sometimes see what has been on my mind.
Colour, and shape are very important to me, I enjoy curves, and love strong intense colour.

I paint in acrylics, and some of my pictures are enhanced by using texture (sand) which has proved to be a satisfying experiment.

The subjects are not conventional, but interesting, emotive, and sometimes surprising.

I don’t have much time to devote to my painting at the moment, but there is usually a work in progress.