As a one of that ever dwindling band of people, children of the Raj, I first saw the light of day in Quetta (now in Pakistan). Then I experienced primary and secondary education in seven different schools in England and Gibraltar. Between leaving school and commencing medical studies in Ireland I worked as a 'Scientific Assitant' in the animal virus Research Institute, Pirbright.

First medical posts were in Wales, and these equipped me- to some extent- for a total of seven years work in mission hospitals in the former Rhodesia and Zambia. Before taking early retirement for health reasons I worked in general practice in West London. I had one year of formal art lessons at school in Gibraltar, but had no opportunity since.

Studies towards a B.A. with the O.U. involved a fair amount of art history, and I somehow get the impression that years of a doctor's observational skills have helped to develop this hobby. I have been attending classes given by a lady at a local church hall, although I am red/green colour blind. I find art an outlet for expression as well as a hobby.

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