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I have been drawing,  painting, & putting things down on paper for longer than I can recall;
a lifelong love, necessity, as much as for the love of the process.

From the idea -out of inspiration or somewhere else, - through to reality through visualisation, ritual and will is a magical process in the true sense of the word: a welcome itch that may come to mind and needs to be dug out and unwrapped. I'm not sure where the images I depict come from; they are either there when waking or appear on the page in front of me like automatic drawing. It is though they take form or expression on the page that I can take control over and some conotation can be given to them and expanded upon to complete the idea or composition.

My work is focussed on human and/or organic forms; twisting, reaching and evolving out of and beyond their usual and recognizable limitations and parameters. Alternate and
unrestrained states of being, the body and soul being separate or dislocated entities.
My paintings are mostly acrylics with the addition of some charcoal and pen and ink drawings.

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