Artist's Statement

Jurgen Dabeedin
Jurgen Dabeedin
One late summer's day, with the sun streaming through the living room window, a tall plain glass vase cast its shadow onto the wall. Except this shadow wasn't just an outline. It had beautifully intricate refraction and diffraction patterns within it as the light twisted and bent its way through the glass curves. Immediately, an ordinary vase had been transformed into an amazing light projector, revealing previously hidden secrets.

I had been accustomed to using and exploiting the various properties of light in my previous scientifically based work, but this event inspired me to look at our every day life again, literally in a different light, to explore and unlock the beauty, (largely ignored) within the world that surrounds us.

Since then, I have focussed my time and camera on trying to capture this incredible and typically, invisible world. Using many photographic techniques, I capture bold and dramatic images for contemporary living spaces. I have often been asked whether the images are painted as many give this impression, but all the images are of real objects, painted only with light. I invite the viewer to guess the subject matter, but I also want to introduce more depth by evoking an emotional response and connection with the colours, forms and textures within.
With this work my aim is to raise the status of fine art photography by presenting it on a par with other genre within contemporary art.

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