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"Material" means any content submitted to to be published on our web site whether it takes the form of imagery, prose, or any other media format.

We reserve the right to reject any content for any reason. By submitting content you are agreeing to the following terms:

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  1. Content must be art or craft related.
    Sites that are not arts related or that consist mainly of affiliate links are not accepted. The main focus of your site must be your original content relating to art, arts and crafts, or goods and/or services specifically designed for artists. The final decision is determined by 
  2. Only submit your content once.
    Uploading the same material several times will be considered non-compliance with the terms and condtions and potentially render the member due for disqualification from the site if deemed to be deliberate.  
  3. No pornography or links to pornography will be accepted. 
    We reserve the right to draw the line between art and pornography. We will make every effort to avoid publishing material that is found to be offensive, but we reserve the right to make a conscientious judgement of what constitutes legitimate artistic expression and what goes beyond our acceptable standards of good taste. 
  4. We may edit your title and/or description.
    By submitting information to us you are giving us permission to edit and publish it on our website. Spelling errors will be corrected, excessive capitalisation and punctuation will be removed, exclamation marks will be removed, repeated words and phrases will be removed and other edits may be made at any time.

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Limitation of Liability

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Modification of this Agreement

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