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How do you see yourself in relation to other artists? Do you feel intimidated by their talents?

Is it too off-putting to compare yourself to other artists you consider to be more inspired, more creative, more hard-working, more thought-provoking than you?

It is certainly challenging to see the work of artists whose art is not only different but better then your own.  But their works should never be seen as taken in comparison to yours, for the sake of it.  Your own work will surely be different; and so it should be.

We all should see ourselves as producing art that is not a copy of someone else’s unless we are trying to learn his or her techniques.

Ideas, subjects, colour are all things we can make our own and, using them, we can create our own work.  We can certainly learn from the work of others that we may need to try harder to improve, but only where we really see the need for improvement, not to imitate, nor to be discouraged.

Use the experience  to your own advantage.  Give yourself some encouragement.  Remember that the Old Masters, particularly the Impressionists, painted together for encouragement. If they felt their friends to be in competition with them, it did not stop them becoming famous for their own style and talent.

Learn what you can from other artists but never allow yourself to be intimidated by someone else’s work.  If you do make comparisons, then only use them as inspiration and not denigration.

Art should be enjoyable at any level and if you do not want others to judge your efforts you will be the only one making the decision on its merit.  You may well be wrong.

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