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Can't draw for toffee...........

I want to learn to paint but I can't draw............

My teacher keeps telling me to loosen up...............

Life drawing - mine always looks so lifeless.............

If you can identify with any of the statements above you could well benefit from the folllowing advice:-

Take a soft pencil, 2b or 4b, or a piece of charcoal and a clean sheet of paper of any size and keep them beside you favourite chair or tuck them into your pocket or bag when you go out.

At any opportunity that presents itself, quickly sketch whatever appeals to you, perhaps the grandchildren or children at play - taking no longer than 10 minutes per child or part of one (head, hand, body), make a series of lines. You are aiming at an approximation of what you are trying to draw, not an actual shape but a series of hurried lines and curves brought together and similar to the subject.

Cusomers in a cafe or passengers on a bus, walkers in the street or in the park, dancers on stage or on television, horses at the races, all make good subjects. The secret of sketching is to be quick and not labour the subject.  Make several to work from, start again if you lose the original image. Bring several sketches together for your final drawing. Use you imagination for the rest. (backgrounds).

The end result may be used to form the basis of a painting done equally loosely or defined. 

It is a technique that needs practice as does anything, but is definitely worth considering and will bring satisfaction as you finally define the shape you need from the rough sketch and you recognise it as a drawing with life and soul.  

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