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For reasons of time due to the Christmas Season the December article featuring another of the artists who exhibit their work on www.localartist.org.uk, the format is slightly different.  Trev's answers to the questions posed are published as they came to us, simply and truthfully with nothing more than a little editing since this also seems to suit his style better, anyway. Trev produces a series of paintings of Rock Stars for his gallery on the site which are very popular for a very good reason - they are very lifelike and have a different approach, true to his name Dark Arts.  We  wish him luck and more time to paint.

I started painting at about ten years old, some forty years ago (gosh you would have thought I'd learnt something by now) I first painted a Border Collie for my grandma looking back it was not that great but I really did enjoy the process of painting.

I like the smell of pure turpentine, linseed oil and oil paint. Some people dislike the aroma but to me I  think to myself these are the same aromas that the Great Artists were familiar with.

When I left school I decided I would like to be a commercial artist, this idea was quickly erased by a chap whom my dad worked with who said " He'll never be an artist commercially because he's left-handed".

Is there such a thing as lefthandedism?

So instead in 1965 I started work as an interior decorator.

One local newspaper article quoted that I never have a paintbrush out of my hand.

Most of the artist I know are compassionate and sensitive  people, they seem to look at the world differently than "normal" people, they have an awareness of their surroundings.

One of the questions asked was if I could be anyone who would I like to be? And to be honest I'm quite happy being me, the people you often wish to be are carrying some kind of baggage or inner torment. I know millionaires who are not as happy as me when I am painting.

I have a great soul mate my wife Sue, two really ace sons and my baby grandaughter Phoebe Arabella.

I admit I would like more money, more time, and more....hair but in general I'm happy and I make people laugh and that's a great gift.

My favourite artist of all time would be good ole Vincent Van Goth if for nothing else but is sheer passion for is art and at times is intoxicating zest for life,

When Vincent wrote letters to his brother,Theo he would describe the scene by the colours on his pallete, to Theo the sky was Cobalt blue....

He was so passionate and he had kind of a pureness, I see the same kind of pureness in some of the old blues singers like Leadbelly; to me it's like fine china or antique lace... absolutely beautiful.

I do not paint for a living but cannot think of anything else I would rather do. I hope to paint more when I retire.

I am always optimistic not just about my art but  life in general, three years ago I was rushed to hospital with an illness that put me in intensive care and nil by mouth for six days, so I think in these modern times you have to be optimistic.

I remember  when they reported the ozone layer was breaking down and ultra violet rays would seep through and we would have no protection from the suns rays, I said well at least we will all die with nice suntans, this is not being flippant it's just my way of coping.

Commissions: I have recently been asked by a friend of mine Lord Harry Bramer to paint some pictures for his homes. Harry has five homes and would like them to be filled with huge military type portraits.

I am quite nervous as these paintings are 6ftx4ft canvases. I agree with Rob who said you have to have a certain amount of nervousness and anticipation to get the juices flowing I really am looking forward to this project.

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you really are flowing, everything becomes oblivious to you; time,food,people, everything! My wife say's to me, "Are you coming to bed? It's 1:30 in the morning," I literally would paint 'till I drop at times like that.

My chosen form of art, painting Rock stars is very rewarding when everything is going right but can be absoluteley infruriating when I can't capture a person, I usually end up talking to the painting saying come back to me John, where have you gone? then with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck John Lennon appears on the canvas I stand back and say "Hi! John".

 I alway's play the music of the person I am painting.

If all this sounds a little bit bonkers it probably is but I'm telling the truth.


We hope to bring another feature article in January:  Let us know if you enjoy learning more about our artists and what induces them to keep on painting when it doesn't 'flow' as Trev indicates.

We hope to bring another feature article in January:  Let us know if you enjoy learning more about our artists and what induces them to keep on painting when it doesn't 'flow' as Trev indicates.

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