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    We are glad to announce that the site is now back online, having been out of action for several weeks due to attempts to compromise site security.
    The site administrator, Barbara LeBlanc, is also back online having been out of action for a while.

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    For the time being, please use the standard contact form to register interest to display your art on the site. It is, of course, free of charge, but for technical security reasons, we are unable to allow users to self-register.
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After a long no doubt frustrating period of transition, we're finally underway with our new site. Therefore the moratorium on accepting new artists is over. One of the drawbacks of the site historically having been so popular is that there has been a corresponding amount of attention from various hackers and spammers, which is why we have to keep the registration process relatively manual, and also why we've had to turn the comments facility off.

One of the key improvements is that rather than having a long unwieldy single gallery is that we have separated each artist's gallery into separate categories. If you have an existing gallery and don't agree with the category under which your gallery presently falls, then contact us, and we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes. Please bear with us during the final stages of this transition period. I won't bore you with the technical details of the software changes, suffice it to say that we're doing all we can to make the process of publishing art on Local Artist as smooth and intuitive as possible.

There is some great material on Local Artist, so making it less hidden and more accessible helps everyone.

Best regards

Leon LeBlanc
Site Administrator

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