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Let there be no doubt - colour is what painting is all about.  Whatever the medium, the depth and intensty of it is one of the most rewarding aspects of the work.


Many new artists approach the blank page with only the most basic idea of its importance. Giving no thought to the effect of the choice of colour to the finished work they just hope the subject they are copying or working from will have somehow sorted it all out for them. It would not occur to them to change it. More experienced artists know that they have the power to control mood, atmosphere, temperature and impact by using the correct colours. The increased application of pigment  emphasises shape and depth but does not spoil tonal equanimity.

If you notice, through the changing months on a calendar, November is often portrayed by the use of grey and black to advance the feeling of gloomy, foggy days and the onset of a wet winter. The result is either failure to look at the image for a whole month, deliberately turning to December's image or waiting on October until the white of December comes along. The reason for this is that the images are mostly produced by photograqphy. Artists are able to change the record of nature. It may only be one hue or one or two delicate additions to the background, but still providing the elements of Autumn into winter without the gloom.  At the height of summer, colour is glorious and artists have no great difficulty in adding it, but the other seasons are glorious, too; just different.

Interiors present their own challenges. The light and shade in a room allows a wide scope for the use of colour. Deep browns lifted and contrasted by the use of reflection upon its surfaces is exciting and varied. Colour comes into its own in an interior view used properly. Texture on a carpet can be represented by varying levels of colour. The folds on drapes are indicated by its sole use.  Shadows and changes in level are demonstrated by concentrations of the same colour that add changes to articles and within the negative shapes between objects.

We owe a lot to colour and need to give thought to its use in painting in order to produce something worthy of note and change the perception of the viewer. perception

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