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The Watercolour below is a detail from one that was painted "A plein air" (outside in the garden) from the clematis on the garden trellis. I combined flowers of different varieties to form what I considered an interesting composition.

To some budding artists the need to make the move from simply copying someone else's work and imitating their style to creating a piece recognizable as their own puts unwanted pressure on the learning process.

ImageChildren learn by copying.  It is the most natural form of development. Their own characters dictate what sort of adult they will become. Being a part of the surrounding society matters, but they eventually reach a stage when being the same as the rest is not enough and they experiment a little, taking only what works for them and adding a touch of individuality.  It can take years.

The more we study different styles past and present the more we may feel intimidated.  Have no fear! It is worth the effort to try something a little different. It is not essential to produce the same effect as others.  In fact, it can be quite liberating to accept that principle.

Art is about freedom; ice-breaking freshness; ideas and seeing what works for you. It may be the idea came from someone else and you develop it a little.

We often begin by taking lessons in the basics or buy a book of instruction.  Don't just buy one book; invest in a variety.  The rules are basic and we need to know them but do not have to stick rigidly to every single one.  Designers decide what we will wear unless we break free and make a statement.  In any case our style is our own.  No-one need dictate your artwork. You don't have to be an innovator, just happy to be yourself and not be afraid to try something slightly different.

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