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There is one advantage to the unusually early falls of snow this winter- appropriately seasonal resources for personal Christmas Landscapes. Of course, the easiest way would be to simply photograph them and send e-cards, but a more rewarding solution would be to transform those images into paintings.



Whatever the medium, the views across the snowy vistas may be recorded for posterity at your own hand. A View from your window may become the subject of your artwork and allow you to work without venturing out into the cold. The most ordinary of gardens becomes newly sculpted with the aid of an unusual angle to include a focus such as a birdbath or frozen fountain. A tree takes on a magical form with the addition of a layer of newly-fallen snow. The spiky leaves of a phormium blackened against the snow-covered lawn adds an architectural display from its pot base.

Fences, hedges and shrubs are of increased interest layered across with six inches of crowning glory. Icicles suspended from once-thawing gutters frame the scene and a touch of winter sun gives a glow to all befor it, casting shapely shadows across rooves and lawns. A touch of seasonal interest may take the form of a holly bush or contoneaster covered in red berries. Ivy draping from a wall beneath the icy blanket makes a backdrop pushing the focus of your painting to the fore.

The skies above change according to the time of day and may form the majority of the landscape to reflect the temperature and lighting. The seasons add excitement to an artist's day. The image below is a photograph waiting to be turned into a work of art.


  • Montague by Petemate
  • venetian_dream
  • Without Nicotene
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