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    We are glad to announce that the site is now back online, having been out of action for several weeks due to attempts to compromise site security.
    The site administrator, Barbara LeBlanc, is also back online having been out of action for a while.

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    For the time being, please use the standard contact form to register interest to display your art on the site. It is, of course, free of charge, but for technical security reasons, we are unable to allow users to self-register.
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Have a look at our new website!!

Reproduction Oil Paintings launched in association with Localartist.

The success of this venture will allow for the continued operation of Localartist which is a not-for-profit website.

Reproduction Oil PaintingsROP sells reproduction oil paintings of famous old masters or lesser-known artists and customers may request a painting of their own photographs. Our artists reproduce the work to museum quality on canvas and it is delivered, unframed, free of charge to any world-wide destination. We also sell new paintings from a wide catalogue. Click on the ROP logo and take a look.


  • Fantasy
  • Feet Bay - Salmon Nets
  • The Last Watch Of Hero_1
  • Figurative allegories