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Artists have been known to take offence at the term 'amateur' in relation to their artwork. This is seen to imply a less than professional approach to art. This should not be so.

Amateur artists are in the enviable position of not having to rely on selling their work to pay the mortgage or make a living - they may do it for the love of it. It by no means implies a lower standard and it certainly does not mean the work may not be sold.

Ask some amateur painters why they have never exhibited their pieces and a humble explanation is offered that they are still learning or that no-one will wish to see it. It is certainly hoped that we are all still learning and how do we know if we want to see it if we are not given the opportunity.

Every time we start a new project we become vulnerable to criticism, if only our own. Do not allow your own opinions to limit your possibilities. You may create something completely new or become so successful that you are no longer allowed to be an 'amateur' since the demand will be too high for your art. 

Finally, remember that every artist was once an amateur.  

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