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    We are glad to announce that the site is now back online, having been out of action for as a precaution due to unsuccessful attempts to compromise site security.
    The site administrator, Barbara LeBlanc, is also back online having been out of action for a while.

  • Registering new artists

    If you would like to display your art on Local Artist, please use the new member form to register interest to display your art on the site. It is, of course, free of charge, but for technical security reasons, we are unable to allow users to self-register.
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Changes are being made on Localartist for both new and existing artists to create new galleries and Artist Profiles. Don't worry! detailed instructions have been provided as to how to upload your images onto the new gallery software. We will be here to help if any is needed, too. We expect that artists will eventually be able to add their own bios to their profiles. In the meantime, please e-mail bios with photos to us; they and links to your own site, if you have one, may be added.

We have done our best to contact all existing artists and now the new software is installed we expect to continue to provide good exposure and direct contact without charge for artists in the future.

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