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We have not experienced so much snow for years in this part of the world. Usually the white views are here and gone before we are able to whip out the camera or compose a picture. This year we have had a choice of dates to go out and capture what kind of painting we want to have at the end of our considerations.

Some of the photographs that appear before the Weather Forecasts on television are helpful as inspiration or help in deciding to reproduce shapes and patterns formed by snow and ice. Rivers and streams are changed altogether by the addition of snow; go out and see what new lanscapes are available if you can if only into the garden. 

Which temperature are you going to portray with your snow scene? It may seem obvious that it will appear cold, but that is up to you. Just a touch of pink in the glow from the window of a building, from the light above and purple shadows can give a warmer result.

Trees will be blacker than the usual browns and greens as they emerge from the snow making for a definitely cold effect. Blue snow drifts against a grey or deep blue star-speckled sky will be kept at even lower temperatures by pale yellow lights.

Roof shapes change and soften in the snow while shadows lengthen with the low sun. Gardens become wonderful places of interest in the ice and snow, whatever their state in summertime. Don't forget to add a bird or two. For the more adventurous, larger wildlife such as the fox adds colour so long as the context is correct.

Take advantage of this weather to add to your portfolio.

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