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A vast amount of men and women are interested in fashion and yet not many of us have tried to capture images of it within our art. It is imagined that art and fashion do not mix.

Paintings are sometimes a record of the particular fashion of the age, yet when we recognize, say, the bustle of the Victorian period, we do not interpret it as containing a fashion statement but read other messages within the image, e.g. "a letter from the front" or "waiting for a message".

 Would today's fashion work in the same way? Can anyone imagine a deep translation of a painting containing a man with a modern hairstyle, makeup and a today's look gazing into the infinite distance. Would the familiarity of style eliminate the depth of interpretation? Wouldn't it just be seen as fashion magaziine or catalogue item?  

We see so many styles today on the television screen. etc. to risk the removal of  the sense of real drama or sensitivity.  It would be interesting and intriguing to try it out, wouldn't it? 

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