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Living in England in the middle of January, no-one really expects to experience the same moods and motivation as in June or July. Becoming absorbed in a project facilitates escape from the elements and there is a way to introduce one aspect of summer into our paintings - colour.

It may be the wrong time of year for taking the easels outdoors but photographs taken when the light was good and the sun higher are usually available from albums and boxes.

Copying straight from photographs will probably produce stilted, unlifelike paintings and the intensity of colour you wish to reproduce will more than likely be lacking in snapshots anyway, whatever the subject.

Try taking photocopies. (A number can be fitted onto one sheet of A4 and even enlarged if necessary) These black and white pictures can be sketched lightly onto Watercolour paper or outlined onto canvas or board for acrylics or oils. Now you have carte blanche to choose a summer pallette from scratch. Outrageously exotic or simply subtle, the choice is yours.

Without reference to the original photograph, decide from which direction shall come the light and be consistent with the shadows. Time of day dictates the shadows' length - also your decision. Remove or move anything which spoils the composition.  What works on a photograph may not work in your painting. You are in control. Skies are limitlessly changeable giving mood, movement or stillness as you desire.

The aim of this project is to bring into being a work of warm, inspiring or even hot, glowing colour. As a result of allowing colour to flood the work your spirits may well have lifted and the day or days gone.   You won't recognise your photgraph in the finished piece but you will have an original artwork in whatever medium ready for your signature. You will probably wish to submit it to the virtual gallery.

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