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Localartist is delighted to have the works of a number of International Artists amongst its ranks of exhibitors. Moses Foster, Ahmad Elias, Daniel Laws, Sue Ashton, Abhilasha Singh are just some of those who have exhibited internationally.

We invite all artists whose work is of good quality to showcase their art with us by creating a gallery with samples representative of their skills. This includes amateur, semi-professional and professional artists. Of course, every artist who exhibit their work on localartist is now in the position of having their art seen all over the world.

Recently, the artworks of Internationally Acclaimed Artist, Alexander Sadoyan has been added to the wide range of galleries available to view......

alexander sadoyan photo.jpg

The winner of several International awards for fine art, Alexander lives and works in Los Angeles, California.


I paint forms and shapes to convey energy and spiritual condition. The colors and rhythms become the theme. The images are put together in a dreamlike sequence to reinforce the realty of metaphysical world. Forces of nature and mysterious inner life of mankind are themes that have been constant in my work. My paintings are inspired from the human life in conjunction with landscape of nature's abstract color-forms. With association of color and shapes, I strive to communicate my feelings and convey inner-personal emotions.


We would like to add that we welcome all of the artists who use Localartist to show their art to the world and wish them well with their future careers and their enjoyment of the artform of their choice. It all adds to the spiritual enhancement of all of us.

by Barbara Le Blanc

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